"Taylor, is reliable, punctual, professional and extremely passionate about sound. I was most impressed with Tayor's resilience and natural gift in becoming part of the team.Taylor was the sound recordist for the entire filming of the 'Undiagnosed' web series. She was a Joy to work with and produced a high standard of work. I highly recommend her." - Simone King, Director and Writer at The Underdogs Meetup.

"Taylor recorded sound for my short '(A Very) Ham-Fisted Stakeout'. Not only was she consummately professional, often in tricky circumstances, but she was a pleasure to have on set. She has a quiet enthusiasm and patience which makes everybody's job easier, invaluable qualities on a film set and, indeed, in life." - Maximilian Ward, Director and Writer at Ward Raw Productions.

"I've worked with Taylor on four shoots now - for three of which I specifically recommended her. On every occasion she has been professional, reliable and good at her job. Above all I actively look forward to having her on set with me - she is friendly, funny, and I always feel I'm in safe hands. She is now my go-to sound recordist, I would recommend her to anyone." - Nathalie Pitters, Freelance DoP.

"The best thing about working with Taylor Rae Papworth is her overall attitude on set. She is always on point, ready to shoot, easy to work with and lively. She even chips in when actors forget their lines - prompting them what she recalls from her recording. As the day becomes long winded, and the crew's attention begins to dip, Papworth is still on the ball, avoiding the camera's perspective, and attentively following the scene's progression in order to get the best sound coverage, as well as performance driven points for the actors. There's no doubt in my mind that when Papworth is on set, we've got sound covered." - Ben Rider, Director.

"Taylor is the epitome of calmness and patience. No matter the craziness that may occur on set, Taylor remains resilient, hard working and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her. I'm currently writing the sequel to my next film and I cannot wait to get her on board again!"" - Shamila Sulaiman, Director and Writer.

"A true talent, Taylor is fabulous!" - Jane Elsdon-Dew, Multi Camera Director at BBC.

"Taylor is great to work with. She was recently on our production and it was great having her on set. She's punctual and is always up for helping when needed. She's a great part of the team and would always call her up before anyone else." - Emmalie El Fadli, Director at Macamore Productions.

"Taylor is great to work with, she arrives well ahead of call time without fail, has the necessary patience on set, and brings a calm and positive energy with her. I can recommend working with her." - Ivy Jelisavac, Director at The Friction.

"Taylor is always ready to embrace challenges, work unwaveringly in the most demanding of conditions and provide essential support to teams in pursuit of excellence. I have no hesitation in recommending Taylor for your next project." - Sam Ramsey, Producer at PGR Films.


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